It’s sunny out today but the NW winds bite and cut right through ya. Office has been open since 0900…one lease complete…all the filing the boss lady won’t do during the week, done…because of my injuries, I can’t clean the office or change burned out lights….so, until I make collection calls this afternoon, there’s really nothing to do.

I brought my prismacolor pencils, a box full of stamped images, my sketch book, and I’m coloring. *shrugs* It’s cheaper than therapy….just sitting here listening to my tunes and coloring.

No biker bitching about me not having my butt in a full time job paying for our kids so he can move out and not have to deal with it…no 19yr old playing music at concert volume with vocalists growl-screaming lyrics that sound more like Satan’s upset stomach than music…no neighborhood kids following the youngest inside wanting to use our only bathroom or wondering if I can feed them….just the soft scratch of pencils against paper and James Taylor serenading me.